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“Are we there yet?” The Podcast Edition

I have spent a lot of time in the last year travelling. Back and forth and around New Zealand. Driving from NYC to Rochester and back. Commuting to work on the subway. At Flights and Feasts, we can help you go from “Are we there yet?” to “We’re already here?”

Here is part one of a list of podcasts that will get you through the monotony of public (or private!) transportation:

The Podcast Edition


Sawbones: A Marital Tour of Misguided Medicine
From heartburn to gunshot wounds to the Dancing Plague, Sydnee and Justin McElroy take us on an adventure through the history of medicine and diseases. This podcast is not for the queezy, but it is for people like me who have been to every anatomy museum possible. Or people who are in relationships with doctors and actually like to hear the gory details.

Hidden Brain
For the neuroscience nerds out there, or people who want to understand themselves better without paying a psychotherapist’s bill. Shankar Vedantam hosts this podcast that gives it’s listeners greater insight into their minds.

This is the least science-based podcast in this section and maybe the best for the less science inclined. Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich use Radiolab to explore the world around us, and help even the least academic of us understand things like evolution in the Galapagos, genetic engineering through CRISPR, and the creation/popularity of “Candid Camera,” the TV Show. Radiolab is really a must listen for any New Yorker who doesn’t like feeling left out or anyone who enjoys very eclectic dinner party conversation.

The Podcast Edition


For people who like ghost stories, any time of day or year. Aaron Mahnke’s gothic music and stories will add a little bit of creepy to your morning commute. Or totally terrify you while you drive down a dark empty road in the middle of nowhere.

This American Life
This American Life is a classic in my life. This is one of the few NPR programs I would listen to with my family, and listening to this always reminds me of home, no matter how far away I am. Each episode begins with a broad overarching theme like “middle school” or “ignorance” which then splits into Acts inpsired by the themes. One of my favourite episodes of This American Life is “The Radio Drama Episode” which features Pulitzer Prize winner, history nerd and all around awesome human being: Lin-Manuel Miranda.

99% Invisible
This is worth a listen to if just for the dulcet voice of Roman Mars, but if you like being the queen (or king) of random knowledge like I do, this should become a part of your everyday life. Easily digest-able at around 18 to 20 minutes per episode, this podcast covers topics from the Gruen Effect (episode #163) to the creation of Chinatowns around the world (#192, and one of my favourites).

Death, Sex & Money
Anna Sale brings it all up in this podcast, so you don’t have to. A refreshing bit of honesty in this world where so much of our lives (especially online) is curated into picture perfect Instagram’s of Sunday brunch. Heart-wrenching and hilarious, and everything in between. Maybe don’t listen to some of these on public transportation if you’re prone to emoting like me.

I always enjoyed listening to this podcast, but StoryCorps has a special meaning to me now. In 2013 my cousin was given time at the StoryCorps recording studio in NYC. He invited his father to drive down from Rochester, and together they made an hour long recording now housed in the National Archives in Washington DC. My uncle passed away in February, but I’ll always have his voice recorded for myself, and I know that someday, someone will hear his stories and he’ll live on in their thoughts. This podcast is the best for feeling connected to the people around you, the people who you see every day, but have never spoken to. A fantastic representation of the human experience.

Stay tuned for part two next week. Well.. Maybe. We’ll see how the week goes.

Photography and words by Diana Eastman
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