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Florida in October

Florida in October

Memories of a Florida Summer

Winter has kicked in big time in the UK. It’s cold, it’s damp, it’s dreary and, to be honest, I’m starting to get tired of it. I’m beginning to dream of summer… the warmth, the outdoor activities, the floaty summer dresses. I’ve had enough of having to pile on 10 layers of clothing every time I venture outside. Naturally, my mind drifts back to the last time I saw the sun: in sunny Florida where I spent two weeks in October.

It’s official in my mind – America is a great place to be a tourist (although, after my previous trips to New York, San Francisco and L.A. I kind of knew this already). The people the food, the things to do, the weather – the US doesn’t do anything by halves, and Florida is certainly no exception. In the blazing heat, we wandered around Orlando’s theme parks and relaxed by the shores of Marco Island.

Florida in October

The Parks

To start the holiday, we spent five action packed days visiting what Orlando is famous for. This involved being thrown upside down, wearing 3D glasses, getting drenched, and (despite the fast passes) queuing. Our park days were a lot of fun, but I must say I was kind of ready for the relaxing part of the holiday.

Time Out

After a jam packed first week, it was quite a relief to head to the pretty and chilled out resort (but technically a city) of Marco Island. We spent the last few days of the holiday reading, fishing (mostly unsuccessfully), playing pool games, and barbequing, and drinking prosecco in the hot tub. As you do!

The Food

“What would you like on the side?” is the line I undoubtedly heard the most times whilst dining out in Florida. Everything comes with either something on top, on the side or stuffed in the middle. And it’s usually cheese of some sort. But this isn’t a bad thing. American food is delicious and I had some of the best burgers, hotdogs, ribs, and pancakes I’ve ever had.

The Game

I’ve never experienced an atmosphere quite like an NFL game. I engaged in possibly more high fives that I had my whole life whilst watching the Miami Dolphins vs the Green Bay Packers. Friendly, enthusiastic people, accompanied by beer, chanting and food long dogs (the best hot dogs during the whole trip I might add) – there aren’t many better ways to spend a sunny Sunday Afternoon.

Now that the tan has faded and the Florida sun is a mere memory, I’m starting to think about my next summer trip. Funds allowing I want to go back to the US very soon.

Any suggestions?

Photography and words by Carys Notley.
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