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Brooklyn Brewery – Brooklyn, NY

The first thing you need to know about Brooklyn Brewery is that they have magic beer. The second thing you need to know is that they have the best brewery tour ever. Really though. Let me explain.

One fine, sunny day this past summer my boyfriend and I purchased tickets for a tour of the Brooklyn Brewery during my boyfriend’s visit to NYC. I don’t really like beer, in fact, I only drink beer socially and when it’s really the only option. But I’m a trouper, and a fantastic girlfriend, so off we went to the Brewery on a wonderful Wednesday afternoon.

As we’re stepping on the L, I feel all the blood rush out of my head and I start to feel faint. My boyfriend comments that I look very pale, and kind of green, but I push through it. I am a FANTASTIC girlfriend and a damn TROUPER.

We end up at the brewery and I’m barely holding on to myself. I feel like I’m going to keel over any second and now I’m suddenly being bombarded with smells and sounds. I’m battling to keep my lunch down and myself standing. And here’s where the best tour ever comes in: it is so short. The tour itself is 8 minutes long at the most. They point a couple of things out, tell you a couple of silly stories, and it’s on to the tasting and importantly for me, the sitting. There’s nothing worse than hearing someone drone on in front of some heavy machinery about their hops and Brooklyn Brewery knows this. And that is why their tour is the best for sick people who are about to faint.

And now on to the magic beer. At this point, I’m feeling pretty ill and very skeptical that drinking anything from this establishment is going to help. But I’m handed a lovely complimentary tasting glass filled with one of their craft beers and I decide that I simply can’t feel worse. Halfway through my first tasting, my stomach lightens, the blood rushes back to my head and the colour back to my cheeks. By the end of tasting (in which you have some pretty hearty tastes of at least 4 of their beers), I’m feeling spritely if not a bit tipsy and to the surprise of my boyfriend and myself I’m actually enjoying the beer. Magic. Beer.

They offer you tokens for full glasses of beers at the end of the tasting, but honestly they’re so generous in the tastings that you could just keep asking them to taste more beers for free with the same level of enjoyment. The only downside of the tour is that midweek, they close pretty quickly after the tour ends, so there isn’t even much of a point of buying the tokens as you barely have time to savour them. But it’s worth it to try their magic beer that saves people from being sick, and makes beer drinkers out of beer haters.**

** Note: occasionally the opposite reaction to the magic beer can occur, e.g. with this female tourist on our tour group who just gave up halfway through tasting, photographed below.

Brooklyn Brewery
79 North 11th Street
Williamsburg, Brooklyn, 11249

Photography and words by Diana Eastman
For more from Diana, follow her on Instagram at @thedianaeastman