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The Breakfast Club – London, UK

The Breakfast Club - London, UK | On Flights + Feasts

I always assumed I’d love Bloody Marys. I love tomatoes. I love cocktails. But I was always apprehensive about trying them because I wanted my first Bloody Mary to be the best possible Bloody Mary one could drink.

So during my “Goodbye London” tour, we stopped at The Breakfast Club in Hoxton. TBC devotes itself solely to American-ish breakfast fare and offered itself as a safe bet for my first, official, tomato-y, vodka-y morning cocktail. The breakfast itself was worth the half hour wait in the cool March air, but the drink? Between three people, we barely drank half.

But was this the end of my Bloody Mary journey? No. I had to try more. Three Bloody Marys at different locations across continents and, either due to the prowess of other bartenders or by sheer willpower, the tide started to turn on my savoury cocktail experience. Officially three of my four Bloody Marys have been a mouthwatering experience. Still, I’m not ready to confirm my approval.

After explaining my Bloody Mary predicament to an acquaintance, he laughed and told me “you are such an economist. You can’t make a decision because you think ‘Oh, my sample size is too small!’”

Once an economist, always an economist.*

The Breakfast Club - London, UK | On Flights + Feasts
The Breakfast Club - London, UK | On Flights + Feasts
The Breakfast Club - London, UK | On Flights + Feasts

*in a former life, I actually studied economics and have a MA in Economics and Sociology.

The Breakfast Club
2-4 Rufus Street
London N1 6PE

+44 (0)207 729 5252

Photography by Diana Eastman‘s iPhone
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