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Meat Mission – London, UK

On the 8th of March, my UK “Post Study” work visa officially ended, much to the distress of myself, my boyfriend and a few of the loveliest friends. With limited options, I chose to (maybe permanently, maybe temporarily) relocated to NYC, something I had wanted to do for a long time, but definitely under different circumstances.

I made a plan for my boyfriend to come down to London, rent a car, and drive all of my worldly goods north to Scotland where I could organize and store anything I couldn’t bring to America. But before then, we would spend the weekend celebrating the Big Smoke with Carys who managed to take the friday off work and come visit me in London.

Meat Mission

While in London, Meat Mission, Meat Liquor, and Meat Market became staples of my “visit Diana in the UK” itinerary. Anyone who came to stay at my tiny East London flat without a doubt sampled one of their brilliant, juicy and hilariously named burgers. I probably ate at Meat Market at least twice a week over the past summer, being conveniently located between East London and my friends in West London and Reading. I also probably gained 30 lbs from burgers alone.

Meat Mission
Meat Mission

So it seemed fitting that for my last meal with friends in London, we’d head to Meat Mission, my favorite of the Meat locations. We might have over-ordered, but after waiting so long for a table, three orders of fries (including an order of the hippie fries), cocktails, a jug of beer, deep fried pickles with blue cheese dip, a dead hippie burger, a bacon cheeseburger, and a chili dog seemed legit.

We had consumed a bit of alcohol while waiting to be seated, so while we ate, I jotted down some tipsy notes on the meal which included statements such as “the chili dog was THE BOMB,” and that our beer “lived up to its promise of being zesty AND zingy.”

Meat Mission

All in all, the Meat Mission experience is always a success, regardless of how long it takes you to get a seat because, in addition to the food being beyond delicious, the restaurant itself encourages sharing with its plate-less, tray dining, and lends itself to a kind of 90s nostalgia, which, being in our mid 20s and 90s children ourselves, we obviously enjoy.

Meat Mission

If you’re in London this summer, please, for me, have a dead hippie burger. You won’t regret it. But don’t tell me about it, because it will probably make me so homesick, I’ll cry.

14-15 Hoxton Market
London, N1 6HG

+44 (0) 20 7739 8212

Photography by Diana Eastman‘s iPhone
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