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SusieCakes – San Francisco, CA

So many items in a bakery are hit or miss and the item that holds the crown for bringing ones hopes up so high with its tempting presentation and then causing them to crash to the ground as the first bite is taken is the cupcake.

SusieCakes - San Francisco

I find myself constantly disappointed by these little guys. Either over-loaded with frosting to mask the fact that the actual cake part of the cupcake is dry and uninteresting or a reasonable cake that has been smothered with some horrible sugary something that is being called ‘frosting’ time and time again I have purchased what I thought was going to be an individual portion of delicious cake only to find myself wishing that I had bought something else.

However, after years of disappointment I have found the answer to my cupcake prayers: SusieCakes. Nestled amongst the storefronts on Menlo Park’s highstreet, SusieCakes makes some of, if not the most, delicious cupcakes I have ever had. They were moist. They were flavourful. They had the perfect ratio of frosting to cake and instead of being used to mask the faults of one another, these two components worked in perfect harmony.

We tried lemon, chocolate, red velvet and banana-chocolate-chip cupcakes and each was amazing in its own right. The chocolate: rich, but not overwhelmingly so, the red velvet: silky and moist and the lemon (my personal favourite): tangy and fluffy. Seriously, these cupcakes are incredible.

Along with cupcakes, Susie Cakes makes cookies, bars and full-sized cakes, often custom-ordered. Everything in the store looked delicious and if the cupcakes that I sampled are at all representative of the rest of their baked goods I can guarantee you that I will be wandering over there in the future.

SusieCakes - San Francisco
SusieCakes - San Francisco
SusieCakes - San Francisco

642 Santa Cruz Avenue
Menlo Park CA 94025
+1 (650) 324-2252

Photographs by Melanie Craxton
Follow Melanie on Instagram at @mcraxton.