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Cure Organic Farm – Boulder, Colorado

When I was 16 years old I flew solo for the first time. My uncle picked me up from the airport and brought me to Cure Organic Farm in Boulder, Colorado which opened my eyes to a very different culture, way of life, and community. At Cure Organic Farm, they encourage the community to come and join them in the fields. To my aunt and Uncle, agriculture is about connecting the community with its local food sources. I loved everything about it and vowed to continue to immerse myself in this lifestyle. For the past six years I have continued to visit the farm one to three times a year to spend time with family, explore, and to most importantly, figure out who I really am.

Cure Organic Farm - Boulder Colorado

I grew up in a very rural setting in upstate new york, but not on a farm, so it continues to surprise me each time I visit Cure how much I enjoy the farming way of life. This year, I will be working on my family’s farm for almost two months from January through February. Unsurprisingly, it is not busy season but is instead the only time of year my family have a tiny bit of downtime, which they especially need this year with their new baby, Lauren (14 months). My goal take some of the load off my aunt and uncle, whether that is feeding the lambs formula every 4 hours, building a pig fence, planting for hours in the greenhouse, or delivering potatoes to restaurants in Denver.

Cure Organic Farm’s focus is growing the most nutritious produce possible, while working with the ecosystem to maintain and encourage natural diversity. They are also passionate about helping folks develop a relationship with the land. All crops they produce are distributed within 50 miles of the farm, feeding community supported agriculture (CSA) members, folks at the Boulder County Farmers’ Markets, local restaurants and elders in need.

Life on the farm is different. You really live off of the land. We eat food produced by the farm– we had such an amazing lamb stew the other night with ingredients all from the farm! It is a life where you appreciate everything you have so much more. It is a release to be here and relax and work with one of my greatest role models– my aunt.

Cure Organic Farm - Boulder Colorado
Cure Organic Farm - Boulder Colorado
Cure Organic Farm - Boulder Colorado

Cure Organic Farm
7416 Valmont Rd
Boulder, CO 80301
(303) 666-6397

Photographs by Alexandra Dean

  • Angela

    Thank you for your wonderful photos and narrative about Cure Organic Farm. They are a huge inspiration to so many people here in the Boulder area, including myself. I hope you continue to enjoy all those amazing visits!

    • Diana Eastman

      Thank you so much for your kind words Angela, so glad you enjoyed Ali’s post!

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